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I am currently working on the nature and value of understanding. I’d be very happy to co-author a paper (in Chinese or English) if you are also interested in this topic. Here are some articles and reviews I have published:


  1. A defense of the veritist account of the goal of inquiry, in Inquiry, forthcoming (PDF)
  2. Hempel on Scientific Understanding, in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, forthcoming (PDF)
  3. The Epistemic Value of Understanding-why, in Episteme, forthcoming (PDF)
  4. “In What Sense is Understanding an Intellectual Virtue,” in Synthese, forthcoming (PDF)
  5. “The Epistemic Account of Faultless Disagreement,” in Synthese, 2020 (PDF, corrected version)
  6. “Is Knowledge of Causes Sufficient for Understanding?” in Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2019. 49 (3)  (PDF)
  7. “Why Do True Beliefs Differ in Epistemic Value?” in Ratio, 2017. 2 (PDF)
  8. “Must a Successful Argument Convert an Ideal Audience?” in Argumentation, 2017 (PDF)
  9. “A Few Puzzles about William James’ Theory of Truth,” in Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia, 2016. 12 (PDF)
  10. “A Critical Survey of Some Philosophical Research in China,” in Philosophia, 2016. 12 (PDF)
  11. “Is Epistemology a Kind of Inquiry?”, in Journal of Philosophical Research, 2015, Vol. 40, pp. 483-488. (PDF)


  1. “Review of Kelp’s Inquiry, Knowledge, and Understanding,” in Philosophical Quarterly, 2022 (PDF)
  2. “Review of Lycan’s On Evidence in Philosophy,” in Analysis, 2020. 4 (PDF)
  3. “Review of Maddy Penelope’s What do Philosophers do? Skepticism and the Practice of Philosophy,” in Philosophical Quarterly, 2018, 68 (273) (PDF)
  4. “Review of Yong Huang’s Why Be Moral? Learning from the Neo-Confucian Cheng Brothers”, in Philosophy East and West, 2016. 4 (PDF)
  5. “Review of Neera Badhwar’s Well-Being: Happiness in a Worthwhile Life,” in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, 2016, volume 55, issue 01, pp. 214-215. (PDF)
  6. “Review of Steve Coutinho’s Introduction to Daoist Philosophies”, in International Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 53, No. 4, Issue 212 (December 2014) pp. 465–467 (Link)

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