1. 南大课程(Courses I regularly offer at Nanjing)
  2.  南大之前的课程(Courses I taught)
      • Philosophy of Human Nature (multiple times in English)
      • Philosophical Ethics (multiple times in English)
      • Human Error (in English)
  3. For Your Information
    1. Logic Text [逻辑教材]
    2. About your grade [关于成绩的说明]
    3. Want to receive a grade without attending class? [关于免修不免考的说明]
    4. If I didn’t respond to your email within 48 hours [如果48小时内我没有回复你的email]
    5. Mentoring [关于指导学生]
    6. Applying to the PhD programs in the North America [申请北美博士]
    7. Writing philosophical papers (论文写作)
    8. What is Analytic Philosophy (分析哲学简介)
    9. How to Email Your Professor [这是英文版。中文版看这里]

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